16 August 2007

Unrequited Respect

Is there a song that no-one sings? A dream that no-one dreams..can there be a reality that no-one sees? Seems likely, almost.

But if that isn't seen it isn't known. It just exists for the "different", the exceptions, been-there-done-thats. Some things are almost invisible to the normal people if they just do what they're told. This isn't just about anything, it's about what you call.."School". No offence, all you teachers' pets but they can get irritatingly stupid sometimes.

Why do they expect us to "respect" their feelings, their decisions, their stupidity if they can't do that themselves? Selfishness, ego? Pretentiousness? Oh right, that's obvious. But what if they weren't what they have become? After all, it not what you do, it's what you are. Inside.

Everyone's seen stuff happening, but what do they do? Keep shut, none of their business..right? That's what they're supposed to do. Conformists. Hate them. Silence is acceptance, shout out loud. Get out on the streets and tell everyone exactly how screwed up the system is. Anyhow, these lyrics weren't written simply..they have a meaning.

"We don't need no education
We don't need no thought control
No dark sarcasm in the classroom
Teachers leave them kids alone"

All-in-all you're just another brick in the wall...
And yes, why do they need to break down the wall if that's so important? There doesn't remain anything else but to "not be another brick in the wall" That's where we see rebellion in the ranks. Way to go!

5 August 2007

Microscopic Perfection

No-one's perfect and no-one has to be either..

Philosopher: A fool who torments himself during life, to be spoken of when dead.

Umm..true. As if you don't get many now. Maybe you are one. Who knows? Some people never get to know their real worth till it's too late. Sometimes till the last possible moment when they can be told about what they are. What they mean to them, or how they've influenced their lives. Why is it this way? Why can't anyone just go around telling people how good they are?

Time goes about ticking away like it is now. I'm losing the possible hours to study for the test tomorrow. Maybe someone else is losing on something far more important. Worth much more, tremendously more important than an oridinary Science test.

It just matters..if you care. If you don't, then just go on reading. If you think there are better things to do, you know what to do, then. Reading this won't lead anywhere, but you still read it. And me...writing this isn't leading anywhere, but I continue writing.

Negative or Positive. Words are words..and people should understand their words.

1 August 2007

Sickening Sweetness

It has been observed..hmm..people turn sickeningly sweet after they act themselves. Yes, especially parents. Only parents. Who cares? Just to write something, just to write..

Time doesn't change. It's still the same, you know, seconds, minutes, hours..days, weeks, years...decades. Time won't change. Just the people do, circumstances do. And it isn't as if they change themselves. Others change them for a reason, if they have one. Without a reason. Meaningless. And here we go, we lose another one of us. For good.

How many times have people said, "Don't change". But people tend to make the same mistakes, again and again, again and again. And this will continue 'til everything exists. Me, you and whoever.

As if things weren't bad enough already. They have to go worse, the laptop. It just went..dead. Just like that. Dead. Here we go again...