13 November 2007

Journeys end in lovers meeting..

"I have no other but a woman's reason:
I think him so, because I think him so."

The Two Gentlemen of Verona (I, ii, 23-24)

Nothing ends well. Ever. Is it a sin to love someone? All I ever wanted to do was love.. I've cried in happiness.. cried in pain. But I did not expect I'd have to cry in sadness.. how much can a person cry?

Corrected? Wronged? Blamed? Does anyone even want me to live? Leave alone needing me.

I've seen people.. believing I'm with them, when all I want to do is stay away. But what about people who want to stay away not believing that I love them? Unjust.


There lived a girl
Who lived a happy life
Turned her head towards the sky
She felt she was alive

Life went on..
With strifes and happiness
No-one could see what she was inside
Except a few, who knew she was always right

There came a curve
Happiness drifted away
The girl still went strong
Her tears washed away

People still knew she was right
They said she had the might
She believed them
Looking away from the wreckage

Life went on..

Till one day
Out of the blue
Her dream came true
She was a person who hardly knew
Life could be as good as new

How coud she know
That of all the people in the world
Her love would be the one
To think she does not love him so

Days went on..
Months too
But he never did believe her
She thought he knew

But he never did
And he never will
The girl cried
For days and nights long

How could she make him see?
All she ever did was love
To breathe, to be
He was her everything

Promises they made
Words they shared
Disappeared into thin air
When he didn't care

He'd reminded her of happiness
Of the better things in life
Of being together
Even in the awful strifes

What happened to the valour
The girl couldn't live
Without the boy on her side
But he didn't believe

He didn't believe the pain
He didn't believe the agony
He didn't believe the Love
All she gave was turned to waste
To see the end of her story

She'd die for another word to say
But she knows she has to keep shut
If she wants to live anymore
She doesn't want any more hurt
From the dream she loves so much more

The words pierce like a dagger
They thrust into her heart
The very heart that loves him
Even when he's far..

But she still dreams
Of a better tomorrow
Of a happy smile
Of the day when..

She'd look towards the sky
And feel she's alive.
Spending her days of happiness and sorrow
With the Love of her Life.