9 September 2014


This is a classical moment. A moment in the life of writing and non writing. Days when it's okay to come very close and let it go because it was so close. And close is good. When it's okay for it to be left just out of reach and see it become smaller and smaller in the distance. The thought and the will and the intention to be written down in black and white.

Words about nothing.

Then it's a moment in time of perfection to be put down. The multiple meanings of being put down. On paper. Or just put down. Of deliberate forgetfulness and deliberate fecundity. Of words coming in and going out. In an endless stream of tireless tirades of feelings and thoughts and findings and leanings and deliberations.

Sitting pretty. Sitting tight. Sitting down. Sitting up. Sitting straight. Sitting silent. Sitting speaking.

On paper. In small time machines, across epochs of small night time deliberations, across smells of songs and silent slinking.

With the music and the muse and the moon. An extended aberration of still lives and live stills.

Life grows longer and nostalgia grows shorter with a disappearing wick, smaller and smaller in the distance.

Up to finito

Flinging fire, observing softly settling dust on long ended moments of passing doubts.

Slipping up into a normal, stepping down to surfaces of surety and singing lispy lullabies, of mundane privations, pertinent, pleading porous boundaries of need and unneed.

Lighting lamps across a lake, on a window, on a stage. Of the painfully plain and elaborate truthing of the matter at hand, like sand on a windy morning. Admiring varnished little corners of a made up mind.

13 July 2014


Swallowed Neruda
Overlooked pasteagerness
Absent good-enoughness
Tensechanging headscratching

Warm gooey masses of 
Shark infested clouds

Of pinkness and sadness
And red and white and black
Forgottenness and livedness
Loud dreams and the quiet between them
Niggling, snuggling, bubbling

Plinking, sinking
Stumbling, fumbling
Trembling, crumbling
Ringing, singing, springing

Surefooted mountain goat of a love.

Like a lost wax hardness
Shiny hard kind of a love.
Like an emptied jelly containment
A wobbly soft splattable 
Sort of a love.

Clinging clanging
Bells in a temple
Superstitious sort
Vermillion and yellow and saffron
Kind of a love.

Middle of the night
Nail biting, empty packets of things
Bottle cap flying across the room, 
Lots of electronics, lost networks
Sort of a love.

Remembered and 
Reminisced and
Retained and recapitulated
and rendered and risked
And remaining

Kind of a love and it's tributaries

To an all encompassing
All roads lead to Rome
Sort of a Love.

A running and sleeping
Ridden and dreaming
Living and breathing

Kind of a love.

Promised, punctured, pincered, plundered
Pilfered and preserved and
Precious and perfect
Sort of a love.

Long and short and a lot and a lot
Stolen and bought and a fought over
And thought over
Kind of love. 

Listless and lovely 
Lingering and lusty
Longing and livid
Lo and behold

Sort of a love.

Crisp and callous
A thesaurus and
An ad and a warning
And a psalmy 

Kind a love.

A love like a love like a love.

Forgeteverything, pouritout, doitall, laughing, suffering, tryingtounderstand, an it-ness, a me-ness, a he-ness, a we-ness of a life in a moment, foolyourselves, think aloud, neverending-ness.

24 May 2014


Where do I live? That place where sleep hasn't left. It clings to me like a shadow of you sent along phone lines, across years, jumping through quietness, shouting through roads, tumbling through skies, it falls on the small of my back and pulls me closer.

Shadowy, silent, soft. And so binding, so blinding. So biting. Breathless boundless.

Rustles my hair, calls forgotten names, lives in the past of the future and the future of the past. Cries hot love and singes my eyelashes. There weren't much to start with. I'll do with yours for the meanwhile.

11 April 2014

Anyone Else But You.

You're a part time lover and a full time friend
The monkey on your back is the latest trend

So we're seeing in songs again. In the rainy part of 2007. In the cloudily hot part of 2008. In the humid, drowsy part of 2009.

I kiss you on the brain in the shadow of the train
I kiss you all starry eyed, my body's swinging from side to side

We're using art as life. We use lies to tell lies. We want some coke with those fries.

Here is the church and here is the steeple
We sure are cute for two ugly people

We don't know who we talk about anymore. Or if there is to be anyone at all. Or we squish in moulds strangers to turn them tiresome. Sometimes soon, sometime late. Sometimes never at all. Sometimes always. We fool ourselves with familiarity. And fadedness. We put some glue and stick new faces.

The pebbles forgive me, the trees forgive me
So why can't you forgive me?

We do nothing all day. And be proud of it. Across a decade, we look back and wave and jump to the start, running around in circles, falling back and pushing our faces in the rain, justifying existences and complexities and not explaining them at all.

I will find my niche in your car
With my MP3, DVD, rumple-packed guitar

The roads are blacker wet. Only parents have cars and we walk along with crabs sideways against whitewashed walls. We walk along pavements, look down, stare up, avoid faces, listen to dreams.

Up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B A start
Just because we use cheats doesn't mean we're not smart

Open verandahs leak video games and ratty cameras take inconsequential videos of leaning eucalyptuses, it gets darker and the cats curl up on ledges.

You are always trying to keep it real
I'm in love with how you feel

We knew there was a real. Because that's just what exists. We talk nonsense, we talk genius. We are unforgettably brilliant, we are painfully inane.

We both have shiny happy fits of rage
You want more fans, I want more stage

We were the same people. We were one. We were nothing. We were I. The other wakes up from tiring cold from the future and walks back to the iron gate, swings it to the center and leans ahead, face cupped in palms, stare at gravel ants.

My name is Adam, I'm your biggest fan

Open windows were green and there was no one. Perfectly timed stairs and bald patches in the garden. We didn't know us. We still don't. We look for mirrors in screens. We dig up and cover up and throw away and reclaim without knowing why. We cherish and dismiss, we don't care. Never did.

Squinched up your face and did a dance

Inconsequential and all-important. We twirl around in pleasure and fall listlessly down to nothingness, we live in songs. We have time machines and empty seats. We sit alone in rooms and think. We sit and think. And we sit. And unthink. Beat ourselves over us. Speak in gibberish and replay.

I don't see what anyone can see
In anyone else but you
Du, du, du
Du, du, du
Du, du, du
But you.

Joey never met a bike that he didn't wanna ride
And I never met a Toby that I didn't like
Scotty liked all of the books that I recommended
Even if he didn't I wouldn't be offended.

12 March 2014

Sore dreamspot.

3:28 pm Wake up from a bad dream, try to decide in half seconds if one should lose sleep over it.
Close eyes again, try to decide on one reason why one was taking this nap at all.
Shift to another dream. What was good, what was bad. Do day sleepdreams come true.
Why does someone I hardly know have to figure so prominently in such a dream. What about the important people. But what makes them important. I didn't want them to be, pre-sleep. They weren't during sleep. Post sleep why do I have to question what I wanted and got.
Because dreams aren't real? There was a lot of things I did. With previously unimportant people. Now they are someone else. Fall in love with a near stranger, get up to worse things. What's stranger. What's okay?
What's not? It was hardly bizarre. There was an exhibition. A basement. Textiles? Hats? There were parents. There was barefoot me off a school bus. A wrong school bus with the right person.
But there were shifts. And there was filtered sunlight. There was quiet talking. There were faces borrowed from life. Feelings pumped in from some secret little fountain of cruelty. Uneasy feelings replace chokedupness. I think that is nice.
Possibility of scratching a scab lightly as it creates this alien desire is better than flying headfirst to be hurt again.
I can just not scratch at all like a good girl and smile because I know it's healing.
But what was I feeling? Oh it was just a dream. I didn't mean to. But I did. Maybe I want to. I am not but I might and I like the sound of that.

8:36 pm
There's the mild, rainy winds of a drizzle day's end. When air carries around life and doesn't just exist to be breathed in, but felt and loved. Now there are fragments floating around, of an absurd dream, with unimportant people. But the illusion of importance looms in large, crashing into my side, crushing my sense of balance, of this farce sense of understanding that there is some one person that was supposed to be dreamt about. In quite the opposite way, there is no feeling of mad wrongness after the dream.

The various criteria of phasing out people probably vanished from the dream version of love. Maybe it's the new dream version, maybe the strange part of strangeness is being defined and it is not what it was. Maybe it is for good reason that dreams are forgotten and are supposed to be. Everyone is a stranger until they're not.

Maybe the dreams are better at picking out perfectness, or a near perfect wantingness that must exist but won't, because the controllable dreaming is insistent on having to do with unattainability. Maybe one is supposed to have it easy. Maybe dreams aren't that cracked up to be, or they see through a person with much clarity, unclouded with awake feelings. Maybe awake feelings are as absurd as life itself.

And day-long naps have time enough to reach a universe where things are done and not thought. Where one soft love-center candy of life is not covered by concrete textured layer of insecurity and what-ifs. There is no plastic wrapper of  'why the hell at all' and 'that's just not me' and a dozen cellotape layers of 'I don't knows'.

Or the dream just was. And there was happiness. And now there is thought.

8 March 2014


The body cannot contain it. Slips out. It flows.
In throes. Blows low, it slows.
And gushes out.
Now. On the brow. Corner of the eye.
Toe curling, soul stirring, bony.
Hard, simmering soft, brushes against, purring past.
Like the song that played last.

Unanswering, hidden sneeze fills up invisible room.
Dances in disguise.
Releases. Relocates. Recites.
Unheard. Speaks in black and blue.
Exists. Slowly simpers, learns, lingers..
Mirrors the night. One hair at a time.
It listens quietly. It rhymes.

It settles in the corner. Of my sight.
Middle of the unmade mind.
Leans against a quiet heart, it knows.
The history of a sigh, the life of a lie.
By drums, by bells, by blowing shells.
A poem sits by the door.
Leaves cover a wild garden. An old tree silently grows.

Unhurried feet. Absent feet. Imaginary feet.
A welcome mat seat. An irregular beat.

3 March 2014


Much men. Very odd. Such sublime. Wow.
I think Doge would be a good listener. Those eyes.

Complexity derives a certain life from unfiltered feelings. Ego in absentia, superego and id throwing punches at 4 in the night (morning?). There's a part which feels authentic to touch. A soft feather or a sharp knife point. Such delirium, much rollercoaster. While we think deferring gratification/ pleasure in small things exercises the will, 4 o' clock nonfood food is flying around one's head, with broken wings and a Cumberbatchy voice. Saying things which it is not saying.

The next morning at 11:28 it rests on the roof, in the sun, happy with wrecking. Eaten up, it grows on the back of the mind. Sun-soaked and dripping with amusement. It'll settle on the soon to be choked up part of the throat. The part which is happily married to tear ducts for the past almost 22 years. The brain is adamant on infallible reason and dictates severe hard conclusive thoughts to be thingificated.

When the little whispering fairy wafts around, as midnight flies past with amazing rapidity and settles in a nook in the ear, makes itself comfortable, sends along feels of a certain kind. Be amused. Be a muse. See one. See more? See one and feel one. Be it. Be affected, be broken, be yourself.

Muses are imperatively slick with wrongness. A dully sharp wrongness, shifting in the sunlight, pastel shimmery, dark glimmery something right underneath the surface of a placid lake with smooth pebbles, resting with the sun glinting off, reflected in the receding waves, moving about as if writhing in sleep. Flips around in the afternoon sun. Muses are amphibious. They recline against a tree, they don't look at you. You look at the existence of it and write a poem with your nails on a tree bark on the other side of the lake.

Dusty earth whips up tiny storms which cloud up the mind, settle with surprising rapidity, bring the world one little cloud at a time, transferring, transporting, tranforming the mindscape, bringing in the dust of a certain one. Recesses of the mind are not open to brooms or soap or a rough, rough washcloth. Dust settles for eternity, that certain kind, one layer after another, sedimentises.

One often digs up old broken pieces from a hundred years ago but a sudden sandstorm topples over mountains of soft earth, makes it level, makes one see the top layer. It rains and there are roses and they wilt under the strong suspicious, atrocious sun the next day and the mind lays barren until it rains one night at 4 (morning?).

Thinner layers, fewer roses. Much manure, many flowers, lush grass, a gazebo and a lemonade in the dying sun of late evening. Sprinklers are put in place for when there is no rain. It's green and sometimes insects with golden brown wings sprout from the earth and fly off into the distance.

Muses are stranded at different parts of the city, they walk towards an unlit corner and disappear.

6 February 2014

The sky is a photograph.

The kite flew loose
It fell away
Featherly, fartherly
Plink, unlinked
It said its byes
Hid its lies

You cut it loose
It flew. Away.

Wastingly, witheringly

You run to it
Or you don't
Stay. Sky. See.
Stare. Wondering.
Undone, it flew.
You cut it loose
And stayed. Wondering.

Stuck in a treebranch
Hidden in shadows
On a tin roof
On sunny afternoon
Faded, dry
Torn, forlorn
An empty string
Fell to the floor

Fell over the door

You went to sleep

Cold darkness
Cut off night
A story, a kite.
Out of sight


26 January 2014

The Inner Beast

The Inner Peace. Quite the same thing. It's like misheard lyrics of the heart. Or the mind. Like some quietened down roaring which is like wheels lurching to a stop. Maybe it's such a shame when words are to be typed when there's quiet and it's not the noise that is being put down on paper. Laziness. Smarts. Who knows. When one is assaulted with loud noise for unbearable amounts of time, it is still hard to realise on one's own how much that affects the functioning of a mind, but the mind noises are always there. Sometimes rushing through, colliding thoughts and haphazard movements. Probably stimuli driven. The ugliness and wrongness that goes around creates a strange dissonance which probably just goes away when one's in a space that is largely self-created and acceptable and welcome. Welcoming and welcome. Being with people one welcomes and is welcomed by. However that looks, it feels like a welcome.

Soft light, familiar sounds, dogbarks from far away, road traffic but so much lesser than daynoise, keyboard tiptaps, router blinkings, familiar curtains, famliar other cloths, familiar shawls, even new familiar shawls, outofreach blankets, a waiting phone, a waited phone, slightly long don'tneedtocutthemyet nails, background noise music, elbows on thighs, cracking knuckles, blowable hairstrand, bitable lip, scratchable back, needless fireworks, senseless celebration, why.

Familiar shawls, long shawls. "This is my Papa's shawl. He got it from when he was chief guest somewhere." "Why do you have it?" "Because I am.. his chief guest?"

Reading Freud's Dream and Delusion in Jenson's Gradiva. Pompeii. I happened to attend a talk on it at the JLF. Accidentally, largely. It felt too much to travel to another venue after beer and pasta. And there was Mary Beard, talk of normal sized bedpan thingies and spaces being markets/bars/temples. But no one said a word about a woman with an attractive gait, Bertgang. I like it though, also the idea of Wilhelm Jenson being respected, but not one of the best of any sort. Also, ruminating on JLF, quite a few things stick. Such as who are you writing for. It was said: one wants, through words, to not stroke but poke.

But even when one pokes, one had to know who it is one is packing a powerful poke for. Sometimes one doesn't know anything, and there is nothing to know. One doesn't care to care, because one is one.

Does the bricklayer imagine for the future inside a small room or a giant hall? That one built. Does the bricklayer appreciate the vastness of the sky or is that only for those who are strangers to it. After all one doesn't wonder about the paintveins on one's ceiling, was the painter thinking about.. something. Or nothing.

21 January 2014


Rain-wet earth
Darkened roads
Grey sun
The hills rise from the green
My baby lives on a screen.
Sees cross country
Big university, small room
Won't be close
Anytime soon
Not nearer than
In my pocket, next to my pillow
Carried around, kept
On buses,
Moving on railway tracks
Rain-wet earth
Darkened roads
Grey sun
Won't see me anytime soon
Tells me to have fun.