13 July 2014


Swallowed Neruda
Overlooked pasteagerness
Absent good-enoughness
Tensechanging headscratching

Warm gooey masses of 
Shark infested clouds

Of pinkness and sadness
And red and white and black
Forgottenness and livedness
Loud dreams and the quiet between them
Niggling, snuggling, bubbling

Plinking, sinking
Stumbling, fumbling
Trembling, crumbling
Ringing, singing, springing

Surefooted mountain goat of a love.

Like a lost wax hardness
Shiny hard kind of a love.
Like an emptied jelly containment
A wobbly soft splattable 
Sort of a love.

Clinging clanging
Bells in a temple
Superstitious sort
Vermillion and yellow and saffron
Kind of a love.

Middle of the night
Nail biting, empty packets of things
Bottle cap flying across the room, 
Lots of electronics, lost networks
Sort of a love.

Remembered and 
Reminisced and
Retained and recapitulated
and rendered and risked
And remaining

Kind of a love and it's tributaries

To an all encompassing
All roads lead to Rome
Sort of a Love.

A running and sleeping
Ridden and dreaming
Living and breathing

Kind of a love.

Promised, punctured, pincered, plundered
Pilfered and preserved and
Precious and perfect
Sort of a love.

Long and short and a lot and a lot
Stolen and bought and a fought over
And thought over
Kind of love. 

Listless and lovely 
Lingering and lusty
Longing and livid
Lo and behold

Sort of a love.

Crisp and callous
A thesaurus and
An ad and a warning
And a psalmy 

Kind a love.

A love like a love like a love.

Forgeteverything, pouritout, doitall, laughing, suffering, tryingtounderstand, an it-ness, a me-ness, a he-ness, a we-ness of a life in a moment, foolyourselves, think aloud, neverending-ness.