29 December 2009

Iced Sunshine.

Blue and green
At odds, mismatched
Together but blind

But with the beat

Flickering sunlight
Untold stories
Withering silken
Love in soft fur

In sunshine
Till I see

The eyes
In the ice
The golden glare
Of the glaring disguise

and toppled
And teased

Wrung out
And freed

Psychedelic sanity
In sunshine shade
Suede skin
Silver stares

Fantastic swagger
Swaggering flair
Flaring love
Naked and bare

Throbbing longing
A united dream
All undreamed

A satiny blur
Far away
Away for long in a
Stormy night.

That cold, distant
Glaring disguise.

5 December 2009

Another one coming your way..

School's coming to and end.. practically it has but the full stop's still hovering on top of it all. Three months of back breaking studying then three months of back breaking fun. Then new beginnings. I hate new beginnings. I love new beginnings :D

Being away from certain people makes me shudder. While the mere thought of stepping a few feet away from some unfortunate, unfortunate people.. it makes me feel a hundred pounds lighter. Life plays games. Cliche but true. Roles reversed in an almost movie-like fashion. I am repulsed. And I am relieved.

Pre-boards going on and here I am blogging. With a history book in my lap and this big headache materialising out of nowhere. I really really dislike Modern History.. if it ain't ancient.. it ain't history. Adding insult to injury, my subconcious starts blurting out stupid theories and widely incoherent logic. And holding it no longer I share it with my brother.. and he likes what he hears. "But it's not that EASY.", he says. True.

To pen it down for future retrospect, I figure I could type it down without expecting too much, or caring too much harsh criticism:

I think economies need not exist. Keep in mind I don't give a shit about progress and I absolutely hate capitalism. Socialism all the way for me. Though how it is possible to incorporate certain freedoms is out of my intellectual capability. Which is certainly VERY limited. And this is entirely hypothetical.

As I can deduce from my limited (again) economics knowledge, developed countries put in a lot more money in social development and on the people than defence(or conversely, if one needs to be labelled "developed", it ought to). As in the case of India, we need a lot of money for defence due to the apparent political instablity and intra and inter religous disagreemnt which often than not turns typically violent. So with our limited and scant money, we put a greater part in the defence equipment. Other countries do too.. but the money is large, the same percentage represents more quantity. More often than not these countries do it to, as we call it casually, "to show off". To be in the top ten.

Actresses being in the best dressed list can be considered synonymous.

These are entirely my views and need not adhere to the exact definition and what the "people" say. This is a fiction blog after all, not one with brains involved. SO..

My ultra unreal and fantastical theory was to abolish, remove and end wars of any kind. Which comes with the removal of "economy". Well, that's what the traditional meaning of "peace" is. John Lennon's Imagine can be said to be my patriotic "anthem". We remove the words related to wars from our dictionary, the military- air force, navy and the army. About a thousand or more years ago, it would've been cavalry, infantry, and the works.

It all starts with men and ends with men. And the primeval instincts and urges. Land and women were two indicators of the status in society according to my history book. And of course we do include modern history here.

Invasions and captures. And dirty filthy politics. What I don't get is that now that the boundaries are set and the urge lessened, though perhaps artificially, why don't they just stop. Do they still have to fight over it. Is it like an essential to being alive.

With an absence of economies I refer to the total absence of countries and boundaries of any kind. Regional, religious, linguistic. But the problem arises when we look at the multitude and the behemothness of it all. In a utopian state of mind it exists like everything else. In it's perfect, fantastic form. But to implement it is the impossible in another world. The one we live in.

But they say anything's possible.

Although the idea that countries exist in the normal state with a mere absence of defence. Passive or aggresive. When we advance to the imlementation stage, I advise they all do it at once. But there's shrewdness involved, as I've been told. And if they have to start all at once, it is not possible. And we have skipped the "talks and discussions and conferences". Action is required here.

And if they start at once, they won't end together. And one of them will conveniently not agree. That's the drawback of this mostly democratic world. Or a part would do it and the other half would take advantage. How I wish there was someone to think of being a World Dictator today. Someone powerful enough and intelligent enough to do what's required.

Like parents say it.. spare the rod and spoil the child. A LITTLE bit of strictness here and there and there you have it. What you need to save the world today. Tweaking it a little so that we can conserve the earth and can live on it. If every country can't do something to stop global warming, they have to be forced to do. Politeness does nothing, I have seen in my tiny 17 year old life.

A new type of state has to grow and people have to forget about everything material. In my world, you produce, you spread it out. You offer your services. Your grow, you let them eat. And you just live. For a world is there to live. And not ignore and carry on with business.

Money sucks. I think there would be a significant decrease in the greed factor if it weren't for money. But even if we equate things and ensure that everyone has eveything. And only the bit everyone needs and not everyone wants. There's still the bit on how not everyone works hard enough to get what he wants. And some work too hard and get too less.

I'm not against betterment. There would be plenty of that.. plenty of development and the rise in the standard of living and quality of life. But every good deed and invention and progress anyone makes, anything they sacrifice or contribute will be in return for gratitude and feeling of human love, not the sound of crisp notes. We subtract a big amount of fortune from the fame and fortune.

But human emotions are not incentive enough for anyone.. and even if for someone they are.. they won't sustain the feeling for long afterwards.

But if I were living in a world that's equal and right. There would be someone blogging it out asking themselves why the world is so equal and why can't they get more than their neighbour.

It is just not possible to wire everyone's brains into what I think it should be like. A thousand apologies if I'm giving away on any latent mental disease I many be harbouring. But the smell, taste and sound of Utopia sounds good. At least to me, even if it isn't as perfect as I'd like it to be and has a hundred loopholes that I may never be able to remove.. it's still in my narcissictic mind.