25 April 2009

On Summer

Balmy afternoon breeze
The scorching backyard stone
The ants on the mango tree
The sound of music
Running free

Happiness filtered through the leaves
Of the laughter shared
Of hearts
Loved and bared

Waking up
To the TV noise
To the AC buzz
To the rememberance
Of yesterday's stuff

Kisses and hugs
And sticky mud sludge
Crabs and lizards and mongooses
Wandering around, or don't even budge

Vivid, alive and sharp
The stinging rain
A running train
Bridges on rivers
A lonely forest trail

Of cricket
And running barefoot
Of stinging splinters
Shouting in rejoice..
For the ball, jumping outside

Welcome sweat and
Accidental blood
The cold water
On the skin
The cold water
Sizzling on hot earth

Badminton rackets
On the shuttle cock
On a lost frog
On someone's head
Swinging short

The melting icecream
Burps and gurgles
And sneezes that hurt
Laughing and falling down
In the dirt

Bruises, cuts, scratches
Stupid bets and cricket matches
Winning, losing, strutting
Blaming and then hugging

Pepsi breaks, the world cup
Shouting sprees
Getting locked in bathrooms
Throwing water, looking at them freeze

Hide n' Seek
Chewing gum in your hair
Groping and tugging
Torn shirts
Made up swears

Changing the score
After the break
Cheating and being fair
Shooting water into the air

Jumping three stairs at once
"Spins and fast and bouncers"
The sun in our eyes
Sneery smiles

Lucky shirts and shorts
Wristbands and socks
Charms, bracelets and
Chanting for your team
Sitting on the bottom stair

The crunch of dry leaves
Inefficient prayers
Blue jeans
Faded and threadbare

Plans to win, psyche them out
Breaks from the sun
Wiping away
Filthy perspiration

Clouds and the rain
Going insane
Buzzing honeybees
Hiding in the garage
Catching balls with "the" panache

Soaking wet
Mango stains, bamboo canes
Noisy planes
Cars in deserted lanes

TV shows, children's prose
Harry Potter, the guy in the cloak
First love, getting close
Just a few books more

Garden hose
The grass yellow, green
Blue petals, white roses
And the red poppies
The adorable tiny muddy stream

Sprinkled grass on the head
Tattered seat of the swing
Scratching your knee jumping up ahead
Winning and then crying instead

The corner of the black railing
My side of the bed
Mattress on the roof
Reading 'til the day's dead

Calling out to the songbirds' call
Smiling neighbours
Staring, looking at the insects crawl
Pulling up the garage shutter

Learning to ride,
Getting it in your stride
Going the fastest
Acing the speed test

Cycling, whistling, singing
Discovering kingdoms
Letting the streets lead
Clouds in the sky, they're so mighty high
They make shapes and then they break

Circling birds of prey
Letting your mind go astray
Absorb the heat
Go off to the land of sleep
Have a sweet, sweet dream

Running on the street
Torches under the sheet

Singing TV jingles
Squirting lemon on your tongue
The tingle
Then sucking on your fingers

Dangling feet from the ledge
There are bird-nests in the hedge
Jokes on one another
Looking at the wings flutter..

Are they the sparrows in the trees?
Or mine.. could I have it again, please?