10 July 2011

Grandness of Grey.

What happens when after you decide to settle down for the nigh.. err, rest at 5 in the morning after the all nighter infront of the TV watching weekly reruns of White Collar and Burn Notice. Wait, why did I not discover Burn Notice till now. Oh maybe because of the time. 3 am? Emily Rose made me a very reluctant non believer.

But. Good enough to be wasting time infront of the TV all night. The whole world's dead. Might as well. The rest of the hours you can pretend they are. Time moves too fast when the eyes are glued to the idiot box. Time makes idiots of us all, Jo. Wondering about the legal, criminal fetish here.. well, it sells. Thinking of why the hell do Big Bang Theory and other good stuff have to clash. Missing Castle all of a sudden. And there is it. White Castle. You know, you make a movie and you get it stuck in poor impressionable people's brains.

Voldemort, there are easier ways to be immortal. And there are these sleepy hunger pangs. Of just very forgetful. Flipping between channels. Cursing the lack of good music on TV and on the radio. And it's finally 5 and it's bed time. Sluggishly turning the TV off, the lights off, etcetera. Well, here's getting back to your for the early mornings I've been burdened with for eons. Now it's a late night. Adios.

But then just catching a glimpse of the grey sky from the window, it has to experinced on the whole. And messing stupidly with the laptop for a little while.. it's up to the roof where the dog follows. My mom's cute realisation on how the term 'puppy love' came about. He manages to be quiet this morning, though. A big relief at that. Only sniffing and snuffling.

And the horizon with the brazen buildings, before it the monsoon green grass, like a carpet, all laid along to the railway line. Above the buildings, leaving a margin around three fingers wide, of a whiter shade of grey and then there were the black clouds of doom. Of torrential rain. Of heaven on earth.

But then the winds of change just felt like breezing by and it was done for. And the gentle gypsy movement of the wispy black clouds as they disperse and gather together, .. turning lighter by the second.. blowing away like puffs of smoke. But the sky's still grey, the day's still good. The morning still a miracle.

Been ages since I saw an actual sunrise.. the sun not exactly being there was such a plus. And the school morning come back to me in a rush. Rushing past the beautiful weather and dreading the cool air, knowing that it wouldn't last. And there was no time to just enjoy it while it lasted. Now it was such sweet revenge. The real experience. Sometimes with an unnaturally good imagination, one tends to forget that the real thing can be better.

Looks like I just needed to get up early.. or not go to sleep at all. And then just not sleep. And not worrying much, because it'd take me ten sleepless nights for it to actually be fatal. On one hand I wish I had taken a picture of the merciful beautiful clouds, and on the other I'm glad I didn't have any good batteries because NO WAY I could've done justice to the sight. And more importantly, even if the picture turned out to be amazing, it still wouldn't define a fraction of the awesomeness the morning contained.

Feel the decade old feet stepping away from home, moving away, while I stood grounded staring into the magnificence. The hugeness of it all was consuming and ethereal. Only at some places and some occasions does the sky look humongous. Like on an open field, it looked like a heavenly dome covering every one of us. Only thing needed was being barefoot on a dew drenched lawn.

Mostly, moving towards school, the weather would feel like a dream along half way. When everyone was either slumbering away in their dreams or their lives and there would be a lull of sweet love all around. Now there's so pattering roof above my head and all there is is the open sky. And wide open eyes staring, a wonderful prize. A devotion sans disguise. A desire to be swept up and taken away.

The surreal grey and speckled blurred white with all it's glory.
I wish I hadn't gone to sleep all these days lately.
Hoping for a grey-er morning tomorrow.


  1. you know, its not great or a big surprise that you stayed awake till 5 A.M. watching tv or maybe doing some random crap. Neither is the fact that you appreciated the morning grey sky. everyone who has read one decent poem in his life would love the morning sunrise at 5 in the morning especially if its before going to bed.
    though what is diff is you took time and pain to write about it. Now this is something few would do. Shows that you really do love scenic beauty. and as for taking pictures; some moments are better left not captured. They become more beautiful day by day in our memory then in a photo frame.

  2. Spoken like a true cynic. I just felt like recording this in some way. Although it's neither about surprises, nor scenic beauty.
    And reading or writing a "decent" poem is really not getting them anywhere near this grandness. It was only the grey sky. It's life itself.
    I avoid writing, you know, because of moments like these. They are always under depicted. But mediocrity is salvation. (I wonder if that means anything.)

  3. Awesomeness as usual Asmi :)

  4. Write a book someday. I'll definitely be one of the firsts.