6 July 2012

First in a line of who knows how many.

Makes your brain explode in a million and one shards of melted orgasmic happiness. Came across this live video where Vinnie Paul became my 20th birthday hero during the last few minutes of this epic gruesomely awesome fest of blissful hit repeat nights. Pantera has always been one hell of a pseudo mommy band figure where the sweet lullabies blaring on otherwise fine-ish but those occasionally musically drunk nights where it they are incredibly inadequate and you want to snatch the music and while it's oozing through your fingers, slam it on to your ears and pet it down hard and hope it just fuses into your being.

What is weird is that I'm saying this all monologue wise in an Australian accent which is not bad at all. Usually happens when there are big huge exams coming up and there's too much to read. But I think birthdays come right up there, mate.

Skid Row's Monkey Business is on the same league but it probably is not as guaranteable to make you feel okay. Badass, yes. My god, the image of Dave Sabo after the little chimp, I know for fucking sure, was the epitome of want the girls watching it on tv felt in '91. Cresendo rising in your brain the first 40 seconds remains in the goosebumps which last a lot lot longer. Makes me feel proud of the fact that that was the year I was conceived. Thanks, mum and dad. Truly thankful.

Sebastian Bach is also definitely one of the most beautiful men I've ever seen. To this day, he is right up there at age 44. Eddie Vedder's eyelashes if you've seen the right pictures are as heart beat skippy as the unforgettable guitar riffs. One of the songs which make life what it is is this. Coulda woulda marry that voice.

"Jeremy, The Wicked ruled this world."

I've been watching the other official video before but this one probably translates Jeremy's story better but that one feels like home. More ramblings by this recluse tomorrow. 3:30 am. Checking out.

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