1 January 2013

1st January 2013 shall not come again.

I feel bad for the dates. They exist for 24 hours. Then die. 

I try. To make things work. Make my brain work. Not be brilliant. But work brilliantly. India hasn't come up to post adolescent ADD yet. Aamir Khan brand dyslexia might still be news. TMI on disorders and hypochondria is ghastly and beautiful.

"I want that." "That's too much to ask from life." "Who the fuck answered that?" Kill the second voice in my head. New Year Resolution #1. - Early morning tweet sweetness. 

I remember resolving to write every day on my birthday six months ago and suffered a deja vu late last night.  Ideas to start a new blog abound but that'll be just foolish episodic optimism. I shall carry on with this one here and drag my ass to being me.


  1. I'll toast to that. Happy New Year.

  2. Thanks! To you too :) Not been very active lately. Trying. Thanks for stopping by.