26 June 2013

Rainy Day Rain Monologue

Dil Se asking for maachis rain, garam chai rain, everything is okay in the end, kiss-happy ending Four Weddings and a Funeral rain, Little April Showers Bambi rain, Murakami Yojimbo ink rain, watch the terrace be filled slowly with leaves as boats 7 year old Bhopal rain, 14 year old drenched can't feel anything rain, 14 and a half I can feel everything rain, 18 and a half wading through flooded street want momos rain, dead silent listening to patter on the roof rain - rustling pages, breath music, furred paws scuffling on the tiles rain, earphoned music, bookspot without the book, patterned windowside, stare outside rain, 9 year old getting birthday cake looking at front screen wipers, frogs on the road rain, green rain, 20 year old alone on the third floor, listening to traffic restart, writing with a purple pen rain. Thunder, drifting clouds, waiting for a text rain, rumbling tummy, gotta make my own breakfast rain. Always there rain. Never there rain.

The sky's the colour of ink bleeding into wet paper. Now it's just dead wet grey paper.

I wrote this on paper but it's not plastered on the sky.


  1. :) Nothing could have been better written :)

  2. Thank you. Glad you liked it. I notice it's the rain again. :)