15 July 2013

Angus, Thongs, Full Frontal Snogging and The Girl at 15.

The book is by Louise Rennison which is memory serves me well, I read about two years before they released the film. I never knew that a film existed. I stumbled upon it fishing for torrents. Just like I stumbled upon it fishing for young adult fiction in the library. Probably an extension of the Enid Blyton's dormitorious books to the Princess Diaries (and singing a little too much of the Genovia anthem), Louise Rennison came somewhere between that and The Flour Babies, Goggle-Eyes Anne Fine awesomeness and the bit of offbeat Red Sky in The Morning and Emotionally Weird (Elizabeth Laird, Kate Atkinson) and the slew of Michael Murpurgo's Zanzibars and Shangri Las and the kind. Topped off with Dancing On My Grave and Waving, Not Drowning (Gelsey Kirkland, Greg Lawrence and Rosie Rushton). And there definitely were some about bullying, there was definite bullying and scenes of secret smoking in sidealleys.

I remember most of them because there are somewhere on one of the blog, probably. But not all. It can be surprising how these things stick. I think I should reread all of these. Imbibing all those characters could have been easier than imagined. With a sprinkling of other real celebrities/ imagined people folk to stir it up a bit. And about half a century worth of lyrics and the number of pages that came before and after that. Endless endless.

From pages to pixels. Just watched Powder yesterday. After a very long time of it been lying shelved in one corner. I have no idea now where I got the idea to download it. Granted, the guy has superpowers and is electric, etc.. having been living 15 years isolated with books and his grandparents, his IQ is off the charts. But then he is electric and freaks out the TV and every modern day relic, his smartness ain't nothing human either. So that was that. Another "homeschool jungle freak" on another part of the spectrum is Lindsay Lohan's good days character Cady Heron. The bird name always seems so whoa. Just like the Lena Dunham created alliterations with all Girls names.

Rennison's book was unputdownable. I remember having read not just one.And now I (re)discover via wiki that it was a part of a ten part series. Well, of course it was. There was lots of boy chasing and worrying about eyebrows and post-menstrual bathing robe, the cat eating socks and collars. A hot teacher who went out with the mom. Or I could be mixing up things. Now I mostly remember the movies and they don't have it all. Granted, the movie versions are nice. I mean, who wouldn't like to see Julie Andrews as Queen of Genovia. Also, H├ęctor Elizondo (Pretty Woman, Raising Helen, Runaway Bride) and being introduced to Robert Coppola Schwartzman (Virgin Suicides).

Just web out into all directions like a wikipedia pandemic tabfest.

Some parts were left out, some swallowed whole and you ARE what you READ.

Pre-15 isn't even a half, it's pretty much 3/4ths. Most of my life, is what it is. I think more thought has to be put towards the making. The world fucks you up in such painfully tiny ways to make one big uncontrollable mess of it. Or probably I see the last 6 magnified beyond proportion.

Or maybe the last 6 have been dull. Or maybe I don't remember anything as perfectly as I should. Documentation is underrated. At least in this world in my head. Diaries would serve good purpose if only all of us were meant to be as disciplined as to keep one always. But petty things like emotions meddle with the grand plan of it all. I think I'll just start afresh with the 9 day old 21 year old. I always digress. But that's just me.

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