26 January 2008

Winter Blues

Haven't read a single book since days. The last one I read was 'Web of Deceit' - Glenn Meade, after 'Rosie' by Alan Titchmarsh. A typical contrast, the same pattern. Light and funny to dark and broody. Been reading a lot of random blogs. Oops, I mean.. just looking at some random blogs. Didn't find much to read, more of pictures than words. Not good. Family photographs to far out amateur football teams. Phew. In addition, every other blog's in whats-it language which gets on my nerves. Can't I just find some friggin' inspiration without experiencing these out of the world, totally awesome.. HEADACHES!!

With the temperature dropping like never before, the depression meter increasing like alwayyys.. it goes without saying how the exams add to it. And to add to it all, I'm probably missing my last ever school trip! :(

Nevermind, I'll get something better to do. Maybe I'll get my head to start working and complete the next post for the story. If you've got time, just go through the first one and if you think it's good.. just comment. I won't know if ANYONE has read it if I don't see comments. No, this is not a plot or something. Witty, eh? :p

You'll find the new blog on my profile. Or if you're really lazy, like me, here it is: http://vermilliontranquility.blogspot.com/

Winter has never been THIS cold since 15 years, atleast. I guess. By the way, Happy Republic Day, people!! :)


  1. AnonymousMay 29, 2008

    lol dont sweat on others' blogs, but yeah i can understand how your mind just can't think of anything worthy to write, i am currently in my writer's block hehe...need inspiration!

    in my time at school, i missed all picnics, the principal kept cancelling ALL picnics supposed to take our batch out...how nice!