26 January 2009

"Nothing much.. " Sure.

I don't know what kind of people seek refuge in writing.

I have to get rid of the TV. And to think I hated the mere sight of that screen some months ago. I've been reading too much of the surveys and stuff and they say watching the television is for depressed folk. What do I make of it? But anyway, watching three movies in a day is pretty cool. I mean three full movies. I've seen parts of six or seven in a day but I'm aiming at 4 full ones next.

And also, I just read multitasking's not good for you and you should do one thing at a time. Or you never get anything finished. Well, I could never get anything finished in the first place anyway. But I thought multitasking was a rare talent. Yay me. I've been known to read, eat, watch TV and listen to music at the same time. And daydream about something/someone completely different with it.

Every year the Republic Day is turned into a 4 hour escape/torture into the fantastic/revolting world of awards. Okay, add badges, ties and blazers. Green and blue and maroon. The last one more like brown. Had the first look at it today. They could really try searching for a better word, 'cause hello.. it is NOT "uniform" we are talking about. Take a friggin' look at the dictionary.

13 days to go for the Exams and nothing's done yet. I'm busy doing nothing. It's an art though. The world's got too many perfectionist overachievers to experience something as laid-backness. Okay, laziness for some. But who cares? ;D

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