25 December 2008


A dash of red fury
In a cauldron full of hate
Complete with a debatable date
Could it be me, could it be you
It could be anyone, anyone could do

Paint the Mona Lisa
Give her a tear in her eye
There you are with the Taj Mahal
Let's paint it black tonight

It was a fiasco of favourite colours
Red and black and white
It was a rollercoaster of happiness
On a sea of starlight

The oars made a lovely sound
Against the silver water
It was like a lullaby
For the lamb to the slaughter

The air ringing with the angels' sweet laughter
Rose to a defeaning din
The boat gently rocking like a sleeping baby's cradle
Lurched, stopped and began to spin

The boat disappeared with the silvery stars
And you rose into thin air
Into the sky so dark
You were someone else, and the difference so stark

I couldn't utter a single word, even if I dared
The demonic nightmares had me ensnared
You had snapped the bond that we had shared so far
And finally you had declared..

The water pulled me down so low
I screamed but I did not scream
I cried but it couldn't be seen
I was an inch but close to dying and you went away.. blissfully flying.

Like a dream.


  1. A very nice poem, the first part description is really good imagination. it could have been more lucid but still very good. And the second part is a very good description of your feelings. Liked it very much. Keep it up.

  2. I believe this was a very nice attempt. This particular and similar genres suit me well. And you managed to express yourself well.


  3. You have a nice, very distinct style of poetry! good! keep it up!

  4. Nice poem yaar!!!!wonderfull expression of ur thoughts...keep it up..

    here's mine..do drop in:-)


  5. That was awesome..! I love the way you have first talked about the beauty of the situation and then the deafening pain...

  6. This was real good... Quite different as well.!!

    Keep It coming..


  7. wow @ ur poem good work keep bloggin!!!

  8. nice attempt loved the flow of thoughts

    chk out my art blog at


    awaiting ur insights