29 August 2009


I sit around
Trying to work things out
Fitting together
The jigsaw pieces of life
The world spinning round and round

It takes inspiration
To reach a worthy destination
Not just too much preparation
Or unending perspiration

Dealing with a wordly fascination
With acceptance and inhibition
Procrastination fit for an entire generation
And that's a pretty lethal combination.

What inspires me the most
It could be the pitter-patter of precipitation
Or the bustling life, the moving colours
Or a railway station.

It takes inspiration
To create poetry in motion
Writing fiction with conviction
Silly superstitions
The same pen, paper and imagination.


  1. haha. really pretty poem. Felt like a spectacled teacher is telling me something, the add on-the teacher is really pretty. and has pretty nose and really white teeth. It really felt like that..
    It takes inspiration to confess like this :D
    great. the lines were really well made.

  2. Thanks..

    And where did the pretty nose and really white teeth thing come from?