29 July 2007

Perpetual Reality?

I wouldn't ever have dared imagine that I'd have to..or I will..study to keep my mind off studying! Goodness gracious, that almost gives away everything, nothing is perpetual. Not even what you thought of yourself. But surpisingly, it's doesn't matter one bit what I'm doing as far as I don't hurt myself. When the hard part's done, I welcome everything..anything at all, come my way. Please. I've accepted everything I had to. Ready for more...almost!

What's the worst that could happen? It's not a matter of life or death. Oh yes, it is. You bet it is! And now that it is, I don't give a shit to what would come. Let it, I already have everything I ever dreamt of. I never thought of dreams, they just came and went away, almost as if a careless whisper about something as careless as it gets. For once, I really know what I'm writing about. Feels good, for the moment. This is living, live for today. Tomorrow is another life. Just feels so.

I'm just glad this isn't related to something which I'd have been really worried about. Helps in being neutral about whatever has to happen. 'Cause I seriously don't know what to do! Forget that, anyway.

I experienced Psychedelia, finally! And that was wasted, wasted on not-worth-my-time kind of waste. Hm..Schizophrenic. Phew. Oh well, reading about what people do to listen to their music, my music. The Music. Weed..grass..whatever you call it. Disturbingly fascinating. But I say, why do they even need it? Music does it all for me. In one go.

Back to the other me..all concerned about what has to happen and what should not.I just wish I could say this again, after a week, maybe..."Miracles do happen.." I just hope. Hope. Love. Faith. Pink Floyd. Haha..got here again. Can't help it. Just pray..can't. Atheist. HOPE.

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