29 July 2007

Unexpected Happiness..

...the best kind there is! :)

Yet again, my answer was chosen as the Best Answer. I half expected it myself. But when I looked at it again, made me think, if I can write such words..then why don't I let myself get affected? That's strange. I own my words but I don't feel them. Consider the question again, I find myself in the same situation as it might've been for her.

Question asked by Cassidy:
How do you love yourself when you are being constantly criticized or attacked?
Its very easy to love yourself when things are going well, when you have wonderful friends and family who support you...but how do you love yourself when, things aren't going so well and people are attacking you etc. Thanks :) Happy Friday!

My answer..read "the best ever :)" :
Best Answer - Chosen by Asker

..and it is easier to love yourself when no-one else does! It happens once in a while that people start questioning you on your decisions or anything else. Absolutely anything, however absurd. Just don't depend on them too much..so that you have to be loved by everyone else first, and then think about loving yourself? That would be the most mindless thing ever, if you ask me.

Maybe things never do go well, you just think that everything's okay. Perceptual reality. Be solipsistic, it's what in your mind that matters.

But maybe, just maybe, I don't trust my words. I don't tust myself. But I know that's the only suitable thing to do right now. The only way out. Help me, Asmi! :)

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