28 July 2007

Wake the Spirit..

Looking at how a movie effects people, the good and the bad of it. The worst could be getting affected so much that it effects everything around you. Even a song could..evoke that something, you know what. Means something different for every person. Naturally..that is evident but why do they simply choose to ignore it? Part of the crowd? Suit yourself..then I'm happy in ignorance.

If someone just chooses to do what is best. You know, the best as seen..by everyone. Hmm, just that you think that's right. Anything acceptable, well-liked..d-uh. Sometimes makes me think that I wasn't even made to live in this world..should've been sent to Mars!

Why is it getting harder to find like-minded people? Absolutely no-one to talk to, so it just gets meaningless talking about stuff like this. Live your dreams... My life is a dream, and I'm alive. Beat the odds. I say, where are they? It's me who's odd. Conquer your fears, I fear fear. Phobophobic, big time! Take a risk, as if anything safe is left. I don't have any options left. Erase boundaries..been there, done that! Trust your instincts. If you allow me, please.

"Take up a challenge.
Never give up.
Prove yourself."

All of it seems meaningless in my case, and please do me a favour, do that for me. Inspire me!

I own my words, I right wrongs, I dare to dream but as I said already, life is just a dream and I hope I never wake up from it. But incredibly there are no dreams that I dreamt..for which I'd have to fight. I wish I'd thought of something like that, life is getting boring, kinda! I push limits and play with pride all the time. Tougher the better ha, telling me!! I face my demons not that I know of any of my angels. Taste victory...in what? Atleast gimme a clue, anyone!! Please..or I'd just be what I am.

But talking of everyone else, I'm not going to barge into your personal space and tell you to wake up, and look at yourself. What are you trying to make out of yourself? They say..live your dreams..but what they are doing themselves, is murdering their dreams. Why dream, then? Remember how every child has a dream..he dreams of magic because no-one then tells him that something like that doesn't exist. He dreams of becoming something he wants to. No-one tells him to stop dreaming. Why?! Then why not just slap the stupid kid right there and tell him right then that dreaming is wrong. "Shame on you! You shouldn't dream..it's going to be shattered. You'll do what you're supposed to do. What we make of you, not what you dreamt you would be." Makes me cry.

I was never stopped from doing anything, never ever..sometimes, I wish everyone had parents like mine. I never had dreams like these, just simply. They wouldn't have stopped me. They got the wrong child. I've always let them down, and I know I won't stop doing this. Call it whatever it is..fate? Luck? I don't know.

I'm lost..or I would've been some help to myself. Empty.

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