28 July 2007

Strangeness Intensified

It can be said to be totally meaningless..this New Blog. But anything brand new makes it "not-so-boring" as maybe it would have become, somehow. I have nothing to write, but then no-one has. It just appears out of nowhere!

Everything seems meaningless once in a while. Even everyday stuff...like studying, well, yeah this is just occasional. One day, it's as if everything fits! Miraculously..and then the next day..nothing is okay. It's like returning to what you were two years ago. A normal human-being, who'd never have got tired of being ordinary. Like everyone in this world is. Almost everyone. It's not as if you meet great people everyday..individualistic souls..read Misfits.

Misfits-- "disturbingly different", scary even? Maybe, I'd never know. Different...comparing someone as different as Back Street Boys and Pink Floyd. Gosh, that's worth some hatred. Talking of music..people never learn. Let their brains rot if they just need..ugh. The world could do without some of those Hip-Hoppers and..you know whats.

No offence, but I ain't forcing you into anything..as if anyone's listening to me? As if anyone's listening to any one of us? We don't need everyone with us to make us feel better. And yes, we don't need good grades too..or being liked by everyone..but some people just get lucky. Luckier than the rest. But can't help being looked upon by others..and who "we"?? Whoever. Who cares?

Artificiality..fakeness..bling? That glittering tiara of niceness? Oh well, the grubby halo of reality..looks like a good deal to me.

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