2 September 2007

Can I Have Some Peace?

Can I have some peace?
I don't want to die
But I know what it is
You want it to happen alright

You see 'em die everyday
And you say "cowards"
But what are you?
Bowing down to the system anyway

Can I have some peace?
When you really care,
Can you shut up please?
I can't really go anywhere

My country, this is
I was born, they made me think
I have to make them proud
Even if I have to kill myself within

So, that's why you see
Education's so important
It really helped me
I didn't know this would really happen

I always say "Never Again"
I made a mistake
But they drag me unto it
Till I have no space

I don't know how you do that
But whatever it is
Can't you just go on and brag?
I won't mind a bit

They say,
I'm stupid, I'm mindless
But they'll see
All their values are senseless
And I guess that's sweet

What can I do
To make me free?
You did it all again
You failed to see

It's not about what I can do
It's about what you have done
I don't lock the door for nothing
It's just so that reality doesn't creep in

You say you love me?
I don't give a shit
Monkey-see, monkey-do
That's all there is to it

Can I have some peace?
I'm already dead
But they don't know
They won't until they stop banging the door

They'd say "She was a nice girl, but she didn't listen to us"
"She was good, but she failed"
"She was my daughter, but she betrayed"

She could've done what we told her
We've always loved her so
What can we do?
She had her own way

But I wake up yet again
To the same nightmare reality
When all I see is hate
But you say I'm just vain

You can wrong me,
I'm wrong again
You can tell me to live
But I'd be gone again

Had enough of it
No More
I thought I knew what I had to do
But I ignored

You know you're right
Whatever you say, is the best for me
But that's just ridiculous
You failed to see

Why don't you do what you're told?
You're old enough
But why don't you shut up?
You've said enough

Can I have some peace?
I don't want to die
But I know what it is
You want it to happen alright.

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