8 September 2007

Questionable Questions?

Shouldn't expect too much, or shouldn't expect anything at all. Expectations expectations expectations. Bleh. And then end up blaming yourself for no reason at all and then.. forget it? Forget it. I don't expect myself to go on.. this time.

People change, they change opinions all the time. Their views change. It just happens that sometimes, you understand what people say. You relate. And you think "If I'd heard this last week, I'd have called that meaningless". Absolutely. Events and people may sometimes be 'nothing' or maybe.. exactly something you needed. It's enough for you too see that you were right. You weren't alone. There are other been-there-done-thats.

It isn't their fault that people don't know what some people've been up to. They wouldn't even have cared if that person had no real value in their lives. Everyday happenings, but yes, no-one knows. Not their fault.


  1. We'll this wa a pretty in-depth post and pretty much to the point..I would ust like ot appreciate one line that you wrote..
    "You weren't alone. There are other been-there-done-thats"