17 September 2007

Hate Is What Makes The World Go Round

Some people hate to hate, but I'm not one of those. And some hate to love, I'm not one of those either. I'm nothing. As if I didn't already know that, I know it now.

Remember how it hurts when someone takes away your candy? Yes, candy. Or maybe.. when you aren't allowed to do something you'd die for? A ride you saw in the fair? Moving ahead.. you think you've got everything just to realize that it wasn't real. An illusion? Or maybe it's just your schizophrenic mind that's playing games.

How can anyone not understand the importance of time? The time that's so important when you've just simply got to study for your exams? Oh yes, you poor poor thing. My sympathies.. but why can't you just friggin'.. EFFING understand when it's being with someone you dearly love? Forgotten. That ain't gettin' you anything other than headache.

All of it when everything was perfect? Absolutely perfect.. exactly like how you feel when you walk in the rain and you aren't crying. You're happy. And yes, you're happy 'cause you know your life's worth living for after all. But no.. soon. very soon you have to find out that it was just an illusion. It actually is nothing. Just another one of those days when.. your mind plays games. It's bored.. just wants to make fun of you when you think you're the luckiest person in the whole world.

I thought I won't, but I have. I have typed it all out just to see how much I can hate. Hate myself for loving everything. And love myself for hating everything.


  1. hmmm ... it feels lik u r very much disappointed and agonized in luv matters. though i dont kno u, one of my frns gave me the link to ur profile. so i m here. but since i have read ur post, i just wanna say one thing Everything happens is for ur good and has a reason, but the reason might not be understood by you. One day u will surely understand... A candy is snatched from a child by the parents coz parents kno that its bad, but the child doesnt. "Happiness is like a radio station, broadcasting all d time. U just have to learn how to tune in & receive it properly. Stay tuned n b happy always!"

  2. Hey asmi,,,your blog so dearly reminds me of mine.....after all ive learnt..passing through what your headed for now....lets just wait and see how you turn out by the time you come out of your tunnel of darkness

    and well being a sad, pessimistic world hater sounds like the right thing to do and i think everyone should experience it once...and well..it changes you perception of life

    all i can say is.....survive