13 September 2007

Titled Escribitionist

It's hard shifting from the "dark" side of you to the happy one.. but sometimes you just have to reflect upon what you aren't supposed to be. But only if you think so.. only if you think. And what about somethings you never thought about? And then they happen.. leaving you bereft of any feelings?

All's in the mind. Uh.. teenage angst? Whatever. Anyway, so this book look just like the perfect book to read in the summers, or maybe when you're on holiday. Just sometime when you could get lost in the book with no-one to wake you up. But wait, that's why books exist. Lose yourself.

Can You Hear The Nightbird Call? Three Indian stories mixed into one.. all related to the Partition. I haven't even read halfway through it and feels like I'm living in Vancouver already :p Glad to be kept away from the mundane reality in '07 Bhopal. In a shitty school with shitty teachers. Rest is okay, with some stuff being totally mindblowing. Hehe :)

If it wasn't for the "shit" mentioned above.. mine would have been the perfect life. Absolutely. I swear. Feels good to be back writing, and not writing stupid poems on dying. Excuse that, please. And I really don't mean it. But sometimes I just do.

The reason? I just do. "Everyone's out to kill me. I swear." Hehe.. quoted from my older post written on April 20th. One of my best posts, I guess. Do read it. This is what life is, you love it and you don't. But sometimes.. when you feel down.. you just need a hug!! Right now! :)

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